Odds Oracle Walkthrough

Custom Question Example

For this example, we assume four players have three cards to a low in seven card stud hi/lo. We want to know how often two or more of them will make a low by seventh street.

The Situation

We use a little bit of range-syntax magic to describe our situation. "$L" is a macro standing for any card that can make a low (A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). The curly braces "{}" indicate that the cards inside have no ranks duplicated.

Formulate the question

Next, since we want to know how often a certain event occurs, we click on the "How often" question:

We continue our question in the next menu with "at least two players":

Next we select "make a lo":

Finally, we select "by seventh street":
The green light indicates that our question is now complete.

The Simulation

Once our question is formulated, we click the "Start" button and the Odds Oracle gives us the answer:

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