Hand History Importer Tool Documentation

The Hand History Importer Tool allows you to load your hand histories into the Odds Oracle. It is a convenient way to save time when constructing simulations from hands you have played online.
The Hand History Importer Tool currently supports PokerStars and Merge (eg Carbon Poker) hand history files, HEM databases, and PT3 databases.

Bringing Hands into the Odds Oracle

First, we bring up the Hand History Importer window (found under the "Tools" menu):

Next, we click on the "Copy/Paste Histories..." button, and paste in our complete hand history file:

We click "OK", and we can see all of our hand histories

We can click on any of the columns to sort by date, game, etc. etc.
Once we find the hand history we are interested in, we click on it, select the street we want to analyze, and click the "Load in Main Window" button:

We can see that all known hands and board cards have been loaded for the specified street: